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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot both my username and password. How can I recover them?

To recover your password, you need your username.  If you have lost both your password and username, you will have to use the Contact Form  on the site and send us enough information so that we can verify your identity.  When you opened your account, we asked for some profile information about you -- things like your address, email, and phone number.  If you did not provide such information, it is possible we will have no way to confirm your identity and will not be able to assist you.

I used the recover password facility on the site, but never got my password??

Your password was sent to the email address you provided when you signed up. If that email is not valid, you would not receive your password. You would need to use the Contact Form  on the site and send us your username and your old email address (or some other information we can use to verify your identity) and we can change the email you listed with us to a your valid email, after which you would be able to recover your password. Another possibility is that your spam filters have prevented your receiving the email, in which case you should check wherever it is that such filtered-out messages are stored in your email system.

After my free trial expires, how can I pay the 3-year membership fee without having to use Paypal?

Unfortunately, you can't. The only way we accept payment is via Paypal. The reason is that this site is automated and the only way we can provide immediate access to your account upon payment, is via the confirmation we get from Paypal.

I deleted a category in which I had graphs, can I recover them?

Sorry, no. If you delete a category, that category and everything in it is permanently deleted. You would have to re-create the category and any graphs you wanted.

I deleted a graph, is there any way to recover it?

Sorry, no. When you delete a graph, the graph and its underlying data are permanently deleted. You would need to recreate the graph name and re-enter the data for the graph.