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Website Terms and Conditions

By creating an account on this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be modified from time to time; when a significant modification is made, a notice will be placed on the "home" page. It is your responsibility to remain aware of these terms and conditions, and you agree that your use of the facilities of MyNumbersTracker.com is an ongoing affirmation of your agreement to these terms and conditions.

When you become a member, you will have password-protected access to your own data. It is your own responsibility to keep track of your password, your UserName, and to keep your email address up to date. Failure to keep your email address current may result in loss of your ability to recover your password by having it emailed to you. Losing your UserName may make it impossible for your account to be recovered at all.

If your email address is invalid, and you cannot retrieve your forgotten password because of that, you may contact us using the Contact Form  , providing us your username and other information in your profile, allowing us to identify you, in which case we can update your email address for you.

You agree not to provide your username or your password to any other person, or to use a password provided by someone else to access the password-protected portions of this website. Exception: If you are part of a church or club or other organization and are tracking something of interest to the organization officers etc., you may share the username and password with others having a shared need for such access.

Particular to HIPAA

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) mandates far-reaching protection of your personal health information. Since it is possible that you may elect to graph some of your own health information such as weight, height, blood sugar, PSA or any other item of interest to you, the on-line database of this website may contain such data.

You understand that this data is protected from access by others by your username and password. You also understand the administrators of this website, or adminstrators of the web hosting company that presents this website to the internet, may have occasional  need to access the database for administrative and support purposes.  By placing any personal health data on this website, you expressly provide on-going permission for any needed administrative access by the above mentioned administrative personnel to your health data.

Furthermore, since the username and password are under your own control, and therefore the degree of protection afforded by your selection of username and password and the security of same is under your control, you agree that MyNumbersTracker.com has no responsibility for the use of your health data on this site, and you release, indemnify, and hold MyNumbersTracker.com and its Principals harmless from any losses, claims, or damages related to your health data on this site caused by access of any unauthorized individual or organization.

General Terms and Condition

You agree to make no misrepresentation regarding your name, your email address, phone number, or any other information requested of you when you create an account with this site.

You understand that as an account holder on this site, you may occasionally receive an email sent to all, or certain, members by the webmaster, and you acknowledge that you agree to receive such emails (this should be an infrequently occurring event).

You agree to have your form-submitted information added to our website databases as part of our processes for managing user accounts. (We do NOT collect or store credit card information). You understand that your information is controlled by you, including your ability to remove your own data from our databases. Simply deleting all your categories will remove all your related graphs and data from the system. The webmaster will remove your account entirely on your request.

In consideration of the fact that MyNumbersTracker.com does not monitor items that its members track, or have any control over the interpretation and use of the resulting data and graphs, or that there could be errors in the data, MyNumbersTracker.com disclaims all liability for any perceived or real consequences for the use of your data, and you agree that MyNumbersTracker.com has no responsibility for the use of your data on this site, and you release, indemnify, and hold MyNumbersTracker.com and it's Principals harmless from any losses, claims, or damages related to your data on this site and your membership in this site.

In consideration of the fact that MyNumbersTracker.com has no credit card transaction capabilities, and maintains no credit card information or database, and in consideration of the fact that all credit card payments to MyNumbersTracker.com and it's Principals are made through www.paypal.com (PayPal™) using their secure transaction processes, you agree to indemnify, release, and hold MyNumbersTracker.com and it's Principals harmless from any losses, claims, or damages related to your credit card.

In consideration of the fact that the MyNumbersTracker.com membership fee is very modest, you agree to indemnify and hold MyNumbersTracker.com, its affiliates, officers, directors, Principals, and employees harmless from any claim or demand whatsoever relating to or arising out of the services provided by MyNumbersTracker.com.

MyNumbersTracker.com agrees that it will not sell or give any other party it's database information, or make any of the database information available to anyone in any other form than that which is accessible to each member by use of their own username and password. An exception to this condition would be if MyNumberTracker.com were sold to a new owner, in which case that owner would be responsible for the website and for honoring and/or modifying the terms and conditions. In such a case, your agreement to these terms and conditions extends to the new owner.

In consideration of the fact that MyNumbersTracker.com has no control over the information provided by its users, or over the performance of the Internet Service Provider that hosts MyNumbersTracker.com, MyNumbersTracker.com makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind regarding the accuracy of the information in its database, the on-line availability of its database, or the performance or responsiveness of the system. Furthermore, since all MyNumbersTracker.com fees are very modest, no recourse or reimbursement will be provided for any down time causing MyNumbersTracker.com to be nonfunctional or unavailable that may occur during any period which any user data or advertising material is intended to be presented. Users are encouraged to make a print of any graph they update, so that their last graph is available to them in the unlikely event the site becomes unavailable.

Your involvement in excessive disputes, misuse of passwords, attempts to "hack" or in any way abuse the resources of MyNumbersTracker.com, are grounds for removal of your information from the MyNumbersTracker.com database, and to deny you password access to the site. For these, or any other reason whatsoever that MyNumbersTracker.com deems sufficient, MyNumbersTracker.com reserves the right to deny access to any user, and/or eliminate from it's database any user's data.

Payments made to MyNumbersTracker.com are generally not refundable. The reason for this is that our email help system is free, and if a user forgets their password or other unexpected circumstances arise, the cost to us of providing our free assistance most likely exceeds the modest membership fee in question.

In spite of all the above terms and conditions, we hope to make MyNumbersTracker.com a fast, easy-to-use, responsive site, so that you will find membership worthwhile.